When it comes to education, the elite international schools and universities are generally seen as the best solution. Another consideration may be private tutoring, but it’s common for many to assume this option to be more expensive.

Thankfully this isn’t the case, and considering these lessons are for very few students, or one-on-one, teachers are able to devote more time and thus produce better results and grades.

There are several reasons private tuition may be a good alternative to expensive international schools. As you’ll read, there’s no reason students can’t supplement local schooling with private, or small group lessons. It’s also ideal for home schooling with additional after school activities for socializing.

5 Reasons Private Tutoring is an Ideal Alternative to Expensive International Schools in Bangkok


1. Reputation

High-end educational institutions in Bangkok all claim to provide an elite learning experience akin to prestigious schools and universities in the west. Whilst it’s true that these establishments offer an acceptable level of education, and generally employ teachers who are highly qualified, each must spread their efforts across 24 students and multiple classes, which makes it almost impossible to get to know every student on an individual level.

Many students dream of graduation from esteemed learning institutions, but unless it’s from one of the few, truly world-renowned schools or universities, you may find the extra costs far too overpriced if only for the added credibility.

2. Facilities

Top international schools/unis generally have amazing facilities, and these are used to promote sports programs and afterschool activities. Unfortunately most students don’t take advantage of these, simply because they’re associated with school.

For this reason many students find more enjoyment joining teams outside of school, which also presents the opportunity to meet new friends. You’ll also find a wealth of choice when browsing the city for new sports, teams, activities, and hobbies, so there really is no need to be tied down to school boundaries.

Private Tuition 2
Private Tuition 2


3. Education Level

Private tutoring offers a personalized learning experience that simply can’t be match by even the most prestigious institutions. The one-on-one format eliminates the distractions that often happen in class, and this allows students to focus on the studies, for better grades, in a quicker time frame.

In addition it’s possible to find private tutoring by teachers with the same qualifications as those positioned at top schools. So not only will you receive dedicated support, you can do so at the very highest level.

Enrolling at a local school or lower tier school, together with sourcing reputable after school tuition, is also usually cheaper than expensive international schools in Bangkok, and could be a much more effective solution.

With supplemental tutoring your child will continue to reach all their education standards and even surpass students attending expensive international schools in Bangkok.


4. Fees

It’s no surprise that the best, most well-respected schools and universities are expensive in Bangkok. Each year they fill all classes, so the demand is there, but are the high costs really worth it?

When enquiring about school fees most will provide quotes based on enrollment and tuition. Although there are generally no hidden fees associated with these costs, there are other expenses all students will be expected to pay throughout the semester, these include; uniforms, textbooks & learning materials, field trips, extra curricular activities, transport, and of course food.

These additional costs occur continuously during the semester, and can quickly add up. So, if first impressions make it appear as though the fees for Bangkok’s elite international schools and universities are somewhat reasonable, remember that this far from the total cost.

Private tuition can provide a more personalization learning experience so students learning faster. Progressing further in the same time frame essentially reduces costs, and since private tutoring is, in general, cheaper than expensive international schools in the city, it makes for a viable cost-save alternative.

Alternative To International Schools

Parents’ who chose private tuition for their children, will not only be given them every opportunity to succeed at their studies, the family will also save money they can be used to spend time together, traveling or doing other fun activities.

Private Tuition 2


5. Convenience

Private tutoring offers a certain amount of flexibility when arranging a schedule. Whether you’re looking to fit classes in around home-school, or local school hours, you’ll be sure to find private lessons that can be organized to fit your schedule.

Unlike the fixed school timetable you’ll have the option of adding additional classes when study calls for it, or when you simply have the spare time. This can be extremely useful in the run up to difficult exams, or for indepth projects.

You’ll also have much more choice, and will be able to choose based on the teacher/s, their qualifications, and experience. Referrals are likely to be trustworthier too, as there’s no prestigious brand name people may feel is impressive to mention.

All in all, private tutoring allows for a more personalized learning experience, in all aspects of education, from the syllabus, all the way through to the teachers themselves.

In Conclusion…

When taking all things into consideration, private tuition has alternative solutions to match any of the benefits international schools may claim, and if
all other factors are equal, do the absorbent costs and recognizable name guarantee a better education?

If you’ve ever considered private tuition, either for yourself or your children, there’s a high likelihood that is suitable for you. No longer need you worry about the level of education supplied by private tuition, simply request to see the necessary certificates and you can be safe in the knowledge your teachers are qualified, and highly experienced.

Just like our teachers at AimBrightStars. So if you’re interested and would like to find out more about our private tuition services, contact us today and well get back to you asap!

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