Our Educational Services

Direct to your door or company; online partnerships and connections; coordinated professional development; advice and consulting. We are committed to all areas of the education sector.

Corporate English Teaching

Corporate Lessons

Provide the benefit to your staff while strengthen your company with our corporate English lessons.

Home Schooling Consulting


Receive information on educational pathway and resources for your child, school, or business.

Teaching Professional Development

Professional Development

In-person or online research-based professional development to support your teachers and staff.

Social Volunteering

Social Action

Volunteering and social actions that support our community and service learning initiatives.

After School Activities

After School Club

Offer after school activities that support learning through a fun and meaningful activity.

Partnerships Networking Meetup


Develop a network of partnerships and connect wit educational projects.

Other Services

  • Home Schooling Setup
  • Educational Resources
  • Curriculum Support
  • Learning Environments

Education Network

Creating a network of international professionals that are driven to provide the greatest holistic learning envrionment.

Appointment Request

Create an appointment to visit our office to discuss in person your requirements.

Online Request

Set an online appointment using the app of your choice to discuss online.

Our Partners

“Richard and Judy have been an amazing team that has support our school and community. Their workshops prepared our teachers by offering a unique perspective on international education, multilingual curriculum, and inclusivity.”

“I would like to share our sincere thanks and appreciation for your participation in the symposium. Your presentation was invaluable. Thank you for sharing your story with us, which was highlighted through the audience engagement and questions asked.”

“Judy is able to coming several learning support programs to create a holistic lesson that caters to each unique child’s needs. She combines her experience with her multilingual skills to connect with all students regardless of background or challenge.”

Connect with us to expand and grow your educational network and enhance those who connect with you!

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