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Individualized from experienced and licensed teachers. With one-on-one attention, students gain insight and an advantage over others. Complex ideas and advanced projects become more understandable and create future independence.

What We Offer

Subject Tutoring

Focus on specific subjects that require additional attention and study time. It’s common for students to be performing at different levels across various subjects. Our subject tutoring takes an in-depth look at problem areas of accredited course work, and is ideal for those who need extra teaching assistance in one or more of the following classes:

Math & Science

English & Literature

History & Economics

Test Prep

Achieving good test and exam results is an essential part of passing any course, and preparation is the key to achieving these good scores and grades. We specialize in assisting students through the study and revision required to pass any of the standardized international tests and examinations. Our test and examination prep courses include:




Study Skills

Similar to how taking exams is a skill of its own, so is study and revision. Study Skills may initially seem too basic for serious study preparation, however there’s more to it than common sense. Understanding how to learn effectively, think critically, and communicate thoughts and ideas concisely streamlines studies to help save time and improve the students performance.

Note Taking

Reading Comprehension

Organization / Time Management

Subjects & Grade Levels




Foreign Languages





Test Prep

College Prep

Grade Levels


Primary School

Secondary School

More than 10 years and several hundred students later.



Practice Tests

Professional Tutors


Dedicate more time to effective learning and improve your grades. Private tutoring offers personalized study programs designed to focus on specific concepts, topics and areas of importance.

Available in all subjects and in several languages, we offer a wide range of private tutoring options for all levels. Located in Bangkok, our board certified teachers are available for private and group lessons, both online and/or in person.

Learn From The Comfort of Home!

Online Tutoring

Get all the benefits of private tutoring from the comfort of your own home. Cut out the round trip to school and conveniently attend class from anywhere your device receives a good internet connection.

Utilizing smooth and clear video conference calling software, students can partake in private, or group, lessons online without sacrificing the presence of a teacher. Receive all the assistance and guidance typically expected from a teacher attending class, from the comfort of your own home.

We decided to get our lil’ captin private lessons instead of simply for paying childcare for a few hours after school. Never would I have imagined just how much his grades would improve. Not only that, but his manners have grown, he thinks he’s an adult! Rich and Judy have been everything we expected from professional private tutors, and more. Highly recommended for all.

Mila & George, lil' Captain Sam

Private Tutoring.

It was so important for Charlotte to better her grades. Aged 13 she already has her heart set on being a doctor, so we’d love to prepare her as best we can. She understands how crucial her results are, and it clearly terrified her. We didn’t think that was the most optimal way to see that she’d succeed, so we opted for several semesters of evening classes and I’m proud to say she’s now a straight-A student!

Carrie & Charlotte

Group Classes.

I know children learn fast, but that fast! Really? Theo’s only language classes were with Rich and Judy, and within just two years he become rather fluent in Chinese. We enrolled him at AimBright upon notice of our relocation two years later. We did expect him to be somewhat sufficient in the language but we didn’t expect our 12 year old son to be the ‘voice of the house!’

Mike & Nina, Theo

Chinese Language.

Let’s Learn Together! 

At AimBright, we ‘the teacher couple’ embrace the power of fun, effective learning, and have worked hard to ensure that’s exactly what our lessons do too.

The most enjoyable things in life are always more memorable. We see first hand how learning can be entertaining and how it can ultimately becomes a surprisingly rewarding process that see students’ improve their grades and class turn into something they all look forward to.

So, no matter the subject, if you’re looking to improve your grades and are interested in becoming one of our valued students, feel free to contact us today with your inquiries.

(904) 686-8515

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