General & Intensive Language Courses

Improve your language skills with our tried and true General & Intensive Language Courses. At AimBright we offer a wide range of courses designed to help students achieve their language goals.


Our Course Offerings

Basic Skills for Over 12 Languages

Learning languages encompasses four basic skills; speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Based on the natural progression of how we learn language as children; first hearing it spoken, repeating those words and phrases, seeing the spoken language depicted by symbols, and finally reproducing these symbols, the four basic skills provide an established foundation for learning a second language.

Intermediate & Advanced Courses

We offer a number of Intermediate and Advanced Courses to further develop foreign languages skills.

Ideal for students’ already learning a second language, or those requiring a refresher course prior to enrolling in international higher education, our range of intermediate and advanced course offerings are carefully designed to guide students through the various level of language competency, and to keep them committed along the way.

Self Learning Courses & Guides

Some simply learn better on their own, others have schedules with little spare time, and many already enrolled in language classes wish for extra material to support  their current studies.

Whatever the reason, we offer a number of self-learning courses and guides to assist student’s with their journey into learning a second language. 

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Business  Courses

The world is now more connected than ever and an even growing number of companies operate internationally, thus knowing how to communicate formally amongst the world’s professionals has become an essential tool.

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Academic Courses

Taught by professional, friendly native speaking teachers with many years experience as both a student and teacher, our academic courses are an ideal solution for students wishing to improve grades and achieve the very best results.

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Travel and Culture Classes

At the center of tourism in South East Asia, Bangkok and the country of Thailand is ideally situated to learn more about the culture, heritage and history of Ancient Siam.

Become a bilingual expert, expand social opportunities, excel in business and broaden horizons outside of Thailand.

History Classes

With such rich heritage, local history and culture plays a major part in the region’s lifestyle, as well as its tourism, commerce and trade.

Taught by native speakers and ideal for students and teachers alike, our classes are designed to support ongoing studies, or as extra curricular classes for budding history enthusiasts.

Learn From Home

Online Class Offerings

Skip the journey to class; save time, and study from the comfort of your own home. Taking lessons online offers several advantages over traditional study in class without having to sacrifice the presence of a teacher and the guidance they provide in real-time.

As an ideal time saving solution for those with a busy schedule, our online class offerings brings the same learning experience online, to any location with a good internet connection.


Class Formats


General 20

General language courses; taught by native speakers in several languages including, English, Chinese, Korean & Japanese. Ideal for beginner students.


General 25

Intensive language courses by native speakers, in multiple languages, for intermediate to advanced students.


Intensive 24

Intensive language courses by native speaking teachers, available in multiple languages, for intermediate levels.


Intensive 30

Intensive language courses by native speaking teachers, in multiple languages for advanced levels.

For Individuals

Private, one-on-one lessons offer the fastest path to fluency in any second language.

With the ability to progress at your own pace, no distractions, and dedicated assistance on hand, the personal support provided by private tuition offers the most effective way to improve your language skills in the shortest amount of time.

For Kids

As a family ourselves we understand how important it is to make sure your little ones are prepared for the future with the very best education possible. 

As well as our long history of teaching children, we also have many years experience in childcare, including the care of exceptional children and those with special needs.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are an ideal solution for students looking to leverage the benefits of private tuition, without occurring the high cost often associated with one-on-one lessons.

Affordable and accessible, group tutoring can help accelerate learning for groups of students at any level. 

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We love language and communication, and we love sharing our knowledge and helpful info through our fun and effective lessons. 


We’re here to put your children the best possible position to achieve their study goals and pass their grades with flying colors. By developing their language, academic and social skills, we prepare our students to excel in life, and ensure they have fun doing so.


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