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When it comes to teaching, we aim to cater to every single on of our students, clients, sponsors, and/or partners needs. Flexible, knowledgeable, and driven, as the Teacher Couple our passion is truly in education, a fact that is evident in what we do and the services we provide.

Professional Development

A career in education comes with a level of professional development that can greatly improve your future prospects. Find your dream teaching position today and broaden your professional horizons.

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Paid Holidays

With just under 200 days in the academic year, teachers receive a lot of time off (not including holidays) and more importantly, still enjoy all the benefits of full pay during their time outside of class.

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Competitive Salary

In addition to the short academic year, many teachers also receive a very competitive salary. Comparable to other professional positions, teaching salaries start out reasonable and offer continual opportunity for a raise.

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Flexible Hours

With fewer hours in the school day, teaching positions offer a certain amount of flexibility, especially when it comes to work outside of the classroom, tasks such as lesson planning, marking test and examinations.

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We Build Lasting Relationships
Between Students
& Teachers

The best teachers are the ones that not only care about the work, but also the students. This respect often becomes mutual and it’s in these situations that students perform the best.

For this reason we encourage a fun and friendly approach to teaching, whilst maintaining a level of discipline, so we can unlock students’ full potential and send them on their way as prepared for their future as possible.


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Chinese Language Teacher

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English Language Teacher

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Secondary Mathematics Tutor

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That didn't take long! Had estimated at least a month or two to find a good position. However, within just two weeks I was already decorating my first Thai classroom.

Graduate’s First Teaching Job 

I started private lessons to help improve grades. Seeing how I improved, succeeded and enoyed myself along the way, now I want to be a teacher

Private Tutor Student – Teacher Candidate

Couldn't recommend AimBright's services more. I have two children who studied with Rich and Judy, one of whom is now working with one of their partners.

Mother of Students / Teacher


Education News

Apps To Integrate That Redefine Learning

Apps To Integrate That Redefine Learning

Options of various applications continue to become available specifically catered toward education. However, it is essential to remember two important frameworks that help guide successful technology integration. The first is Technological Pedagogical Content...

What is the NWEA MAP Test

What is the NWEA MAP Test

The Northwest Evaluation Association Measures of Academic Progress test is a personalised assessment to measure growth and currently level of achievement. We help you prepare.


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