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After School Tutoring

Focused after school tutoring for one-on-one and group learning. Learning made fun to help build life-long learners who enjoy and want to learn.


English tutoring for native speakers and second language students. Learn grammar, writing, and other subjects through content-based teaching.


Learn Chinese through fun and engaging lessons. Younger students gain fundamental skills and develop a passion for learning to support long-term success.


Learn to play the piano, flute, or clarinet by a concert trained musician.


Fun after-school activities that include project-based learning, technology, coding, robotics, cooking, tennis, art, and more.

Apps To Integrate That Redefine Learning

Options of various applications continue to become available specifically catered toward education. However, it is essential to remember two important frameworks that help guide successful technology integration. The first is Technological Pedagogical Content...

What is the NWEA MAP Test

The Northwest Evaluation Association Measures of Academic Progress test is a personalised assessment to measure growth and currently level of achievement. We help you prepare.

Alternative to Expensive International Schools in Bangkok

Find out why private tutoring is a viable alternative to expensive international schools…

How to Prepare For Exams

Exam Prep for students of any level, all exams. Overcome the stress and anxiety of sitting exams; prepare for tests the correct way with AimBrightStars.

Content-Based Instruction (CBI)

Content-Based Instruction (CBI), also known as Content-Based Language Teaching (CBLT), is a powerful teaching method shown to be an effective way of learning English as a second language…

About AIM Bright Stars

We are third-culture international teachers, with a passion for teaching. We believe in being a life-long learner and always seek to improve. We would like to share our experience as an international teacher to help educators and parents. In addition, we seek to receive new ideas and feedback from those who also share a passion in education.
We the Teaching Couple strive to learn, share, and support our fellow educators to gain knowledge and understanding in order to provide a positive impact to our students and colleagues. It is our goal to learn how to provide a safe and enriching learning environment that supports independence, lifelong learning, and success.

Through our digital resources, we endeavor to grasp how to better engage learners, develop comprehensive lesson plans, environments, and gain a better understanding of pedagogy. We see ourselves as lifelong learners and will role model the same passion for learning that we will desire from our students.

We believe in supporting students to become independent life-long learners that take ownership in their education. We aim to create a classroom environment that is student centered and promote inquiry. When students enter the classroom they will feel safe, curious, and apart of a community of other learners. As teachers we strive to make learning fun, authentic, and hands-on. We believe in differentiated learning and promoting multiple intelligence to help all students reach their full potential.
Teaching Overseas

How We Work


We are full-time teachers at an international school. We love to share our experience, practice and stories.


We provide blog post about news and education that is beneficial to our teaching and our readers.


We provide focused one-on-one and small group tutoring as a part-time service that we independently own and operate.


We see our selves as life-long learners and always seek to improve. We share our professional development and courses we attend.

Always Remember...

A quote that we share with all of our students.

“Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”
― A.A. Milne

Frequently Asked Questions

Many parents have endless questions about their child and their education, and rightly so. Part of the job of an educator is to build a relationship with parents. This helps assuage fears and concerns, as well as help ensure the learning extends beyond the classroom.

Many of the questions we receive are answered here. Sometimes reading these questions also helps parents think about questions they should be asking their teacher.

What is the curriculum you use?
We use various teaching methodology depending on the lesson and age of the students. All of the lessons include various activities that are student-centered and designed to engage. We aim to have our students find joy in learning and filled with curiosity. We promote the students to take ownership of their learning and take risk with various methods of learning.
What age groups do you work with?

Currently, we are focused on supporting early years until middle school. Other age groups, including adults, can be arranged case-by-case.

What are your qualifications?

Richard is a certified principal with two Master’s degrees and a Bachelor’s. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction. Judy is a certified special education teacher with a Master’s in K-12 Education and a Bachelor’s in Special Education. Both have several certifications and attend professional development regularly.

There are so many schools in Bangkok it was really overwhelming trying to find the best, most suitable after school option for our two young boys. Thankfully a family friend suggested AimBrightStars; and we’re extremely happy we took their advice. Highly recommended!
Paula & Steve, Aus.

After School Classes For Children

Rich and Judy really did make our little princess’s school life a whole heck of a lot easier. Her grades improved, as did her attitude toward class and her teachers. She absolutely adores attending classes at AimBrightStars; and as a single dad, I couldn’t wish for anything more.
Martin, UK.

Special Education Private Lessons

I’d like to thank Richard and Judy from the very bottom of my heart. What started as convenient afterschool lessons soon became an ongoing arrangement that recently saw me ace all 6 of my finals, mainly due to the excellent exam prep; never before had I felt so ready!
Tom, Malyasia.

Private Lessons & Exam Prep

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