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Children are naturally curious. They want to explore and enjoy challenges. School and learning should not be a chore or something they want to avoid. When presented correctly, children will find happiness in learning which will support them in being a successful learner through their whole life.

Certificated Educators

Certified teachers with degrees that support in providing research-based practice.


20 Years of Excellence

More than 20 years of combined experience with teaching and educational administrative experience.

Online Studies

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Our Course Offerings

We offer a wide range of course for all ages, as private, or group classes. With accredited courses covering all areas of the four major subjects, as well as many extra curricular subjects and topics, our certified teachers are here to help you achieve your education goals.

Primary School Tutoring

3-9 Years Old

The formative years at primary school are your child’s most important. For ages 3 through 9, our certified teachers and accredited course work prepares your child with all the necessary knowledge and skills for years of successful education ahead.

Middle School Tutoring

10-15 Years Old

Suitable for students’ looking to improve their grades, as well as those from a successful primary school background, our accredited middle school tutoring courses are designed to provide a solid foundation for higher education.

Exam Prepration


Exams can often be difficult, but there’s one simple solution, the right preparation. As certified teachers with over 10 years experience in examination and adjudicating, we offer in-depth exam preparation courses to help students get good grades.

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Certified teachers, accredited courses/course work, a fun friendly and unique approach to teaching, and more importantly a passion for what we do. If you’re looking for dedicated teachers with a proven track records of helping student succeed, contact us today for more information on any of courses.


In-Person & Online / Private & Group

No matter your situation, we offer all types of classes for your convenience. Be it private one-on-one, couples and small groups, or larger teams, we can arrange classes both online and in-person.

Private English Tutoring

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Online Private English Tutoring

When class it simply too inconvenient to attend, we offer private lessons online. Our online one-on-one tutoring is available for all ages, in any subject, and has courses suitable for supplemental learning, or full-time homeschooling.

Group English Tutoring

Learn with your friends and peers, tackle difficult concepts together and enjoy the social dynamics that allow for ideal practice situations. Our group English tutoring is an ideal way to brush up on language skills, assist those already enrolled in language classes, or learn a second language from scratch!

Online Group English Tutoring

Attend classes from anywhere with a computer and internet connection. Utilizing state of the art streaming, and/or video conference calling software, join our certified teachers in online group English tutoring. Available for students of all ages, and any level.

Special Education

In-person special education support for children and consultation with parents. With in-depth experience providing care and support for students with various learning requirements, we work together with families to coordinate the most suitable special education program based on the student’s needs.

Online Special Education

If attending classes regularly in person presents an inconvenience for your schedule, we’d be happy to devise an online schedule to suit your needs. Our online special education support for children starts with an online consultation with the parents. Contact us today to find out more.


Popular Courses

12 week class

Online Private English Tutoring

For those whose schedule is too busy to attend class, we offer our 12 week course online. Attend one-on-one lessons, or group classes, from the convenience of your own workspace.

12 week clasS

NWEA MAP Preparation

Prepare for the NWEA MAP test. Published by the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) the Measures of Academic Progress is administered via computer to help assess the aptitude of your child.


Why Learn With Us?


Over 20 Years of Experience

International certified teachers offering exclusive tutoring.


Over 10,000 Graduates

Hundreds of students graduated with our assistance.


Located in the Heart of Bangkok

Affordable, elite learning experience in city. Private and Group lessons.


World Class Educators

International certified teachers offering exclusive tutoring.

Learn From Home

Online Learning Options

Modern telecommunications and the development of video conference apps has made it possible to host all manner of lessons online. We offer a wide range of courses online, both for one-on-one lessons and group classes.

Taught by certified teachers and available in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages. Contact us today to find out more.

About US

Our Story

The teacher couple… life longer learners, and almost just as long a couple, we’ve long both had a great passion for teaching and learning. There’s never been any question as to what career we’d both follow, and whilst we both endeavored to learn additional skills such as web design, graphics, sales, business management and childcare, it was always building towards clear future goals; our own school, a dream of ours, which will flourish and transform to the next phase in our private tutoring services on offer here.




Language Courses


What Our Students Say

I honestly couldn’t tell where words began and ended! Being so lost I never even imagined it to be possible. Thankfully AimBright made the whole experience as pleasant as could be, and within the second I realized it wasn’t just possible, it was already happening. Quite good fortunate I might add as there might have been a job on the line. Alas! I’m still employed! And have several Japanese friends.

Jane Doe

Chinese and Korean Language

Both of my young children have attended private, and group, classes with Rich and Judy. We enrolled them in Chinese, English and Maths, and are not surprised to find out those are the classes with their best grades. Considering adding more classes for more grade A results next semester. It’s been a pleasure, high recommended from the who Chao Family!

P.K. Chao

Private and Group Lessons


Attending Our School

Applying Online

We highly value visitors to our site and are always working to accommodate those seeking learning assistance. Thus, we aim to make enrolling as hassle-free as possible. To enroll on any of our courses simply fill out and send an application online. Make sure to include your full name, email and contact number and we’ll respond ASAP.


If you’d like more clarification on the best courses for your specific requirements, we offer consultations in all areas including: admissions, exam prep, private tutoring, supplemental learning, homeschooling and special education. To find out more about our education consultation services, send us an inquiry and we’ll get right back to you. 

Payment Calculator

We try our best to keep fees as low as possible, whilst still providing a comprehensive learning experience for young children, as well as teenager, young adults, and professionals. Use the calculator as a guide to total all course fees, the final price will be calculated from our end, and confirmed in a separate invoice.


Frequently Asked

Do I need passing grades to attend your courses?

It depends. We offer accredited courses taught by certified teachers, to meet international education standards some course may require certain qualifications for enrollment.

In these cases we’ll typically provide guidance through alternative programs such as foundation courses; designed specifically to get students accepted into a specific course or institution.

Where do in person classes take place?

In various locations depending on class size. Groups maybe held in our onsite classrooms. Students may also provide the premesis, which must be approved at least 1 week in advance.

Do you have a cancellation fee?
Classes maybe rescheduled up to 1 week in advance, where possible. Note: this will be subject to change near exam dates and other related deadlines.
Do you provide all learning materials?
All study material, worksheets, exam paper will be provided. Additional reading materials must be provided for personally.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation

Your initial consultation is free! Contact us today to find our more about what we can do for your education goals.

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