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Special education is an umbrella term giving to several types of learning services designed to help children with disabilities. Parents who care for children with learning difficulties simply want their child to receive a similar level of education as other students attended school, and special education services have become the go-to-solution worldwide to achieve this.

Special education services vary in scope as each child likely has very specific, unique requirements. Via a process of evaluation and discussion we create a learning program tailored to meet these individual needs.

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How It Works

To enroll your child in the most suitable special education program, the process typically starts with a referral and evaluation.

This brings together the teacher, parent and school counselor or psychologist to analyze the performance of the student and make a evaluation report with information about a the child’s future in special education.

Many families have already been through this procedure, or something similar, in which case we reassess previous findings and suggestions to ensure the program is still suitable moving forward.

Following the evaluation/assessment problem areas are identified and a syllabus created to address these issues. With this knowledge in hand you’re able to make a more informed decision regarding the classes your child should sign up for.

In some cases additional individual lessons may be suggested, for others, group classes may be the answer. We then discuss details of the syllabus, and work together to schedule a timetable convenient for all parties.

About Us

since 2004

Our passion for teaching has only grown throughout the decades long journey into education we’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy. After becoming licensed and certified teachers with many years experience in IB, IPC, and the US curriculum, it was only natural to want to share our knowledge with those who need it.

Teaching the younger generation has always been a pleasure, even more so for the special education students. Seeing children succeed on their own merits with no more than a little guidance is extremely satisfying, and that’s what drives us to help those with learning difficulties overcome the challenges they experience in the classroom, and daily life.

We endeavor to help all student progress to meet their goals, and that includes those who require special education lessons.


Our Mission

We aim to offer the most interesting and rewarding curriculum for all students, no matter their requirements.

Education should be fun, yet effective. We understand the very best way to learn is to make lessons interactive and memorable, and we also believe this shouldn’t be any different for those enrolled special education programs.


Our Vision

Using fun, effective teaching techniques we help all students reach their education goals, both great and small.

With over four decades of experience in education we strive to share our wealth of knowledge with students, as well as help them form the habit of teaching themselves, and continuing to learn long into the future.

Our Services

Experts In Every Subject

At Aim Bright Stars our teachers are experts in every subject; a skill that can further assist the learning development of students.

It’s common for subjects to relate to one another and being able to identify this not only leads to better comprehension, having the ability to understand the relationship between different concepts also helps memory retention.

That’s why we employ teachers who are experience in the four core subjects: English, Math, Science and History.

Individual Subjects

College Prep

Study Skills

Test Prep


Explore the world that came before us. From the local history of Ancient Siam, to the events that changed the course of time around the world, we offer all types of history lessons to assist students in reaching their study goals.


Math doesn’t have to be boring; in fact it can be extremely fun and rewarding. We source the best exercises and course work that gets students engaged, so they’re not only more likely to succeed, they’ll also begin to find math more enjoyable.


No matter what field of science you need to brush up on, we offer comprehensive lessons to help improve your biology, physics and/or chemistry grades. Like all our lessons we make science fun, so students have a better time learning.

Become part of our ever-expanding team; we’re always learning and forever growing!



Practice Tests

Learn From The Comfort of Home!

Online Tutoring

For those unable to travel back and forth from class on a regular basis, we offer most of our lessons online. Utilizing state-of-the-art video conferencing software (available on all popular devices) students can choose from group lessons, or individual classes, available on a flexible timetable.

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We really enjoy our job, and we hope that it shows through our personality as well as the results we deliver. If you’re looking for any type of extra tuition click the link below and contact us today to find out exactly what we have on offer.

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