Forty years from now, countries of the world will be governed by students who are in school today. Their thoughts and actions will be shaped by what they know and have experienced, learned in school, and their ingenuity. Thus it is important to see which country has the most successful education system in the world.

Every year, the World Economic Forum releases its Global Competitiveness Report on the state of the world’s economies. The data collected ranked countries according to the “12 pillars of competitiveness,” which includes macro-economic environment, infrastructure, health and primary education, and labor market efficiency.

Education is one of the most important things in determining the future success of a country and its citizens ability to create and employ in jobs. Without it our youth would have no guidance in a very difficult world. Unfortunately, education systems are not universal. Some are better than others – others much better.

Although the list varies from year to year, you will see the same top countries. It is important to research why these countries are excelling and why others are not. It is not about the country, so much as what the schools are doing. Once identify schools across the world that are excelling, it serves as a model.

Here is a video from 2014 that provides information about the Top 10 Education Systems and why:

Education Spending According to The World Bank

Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland spend some of the most money on education as a percentage of their gross domestic product, according to the World Bank. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has said that levels of education funding do not necessarily affect academic performance, but these Scandinavian nations all ranked in the top third, generally outperforming Asian nations where students are pressured to perform well.

Top 10 Best Education Systems

  1. Denmark
  2. Switzerland
  3. Norway
  4. Netherlands
  5. Sweden
  6. Australia
  7. United Kingdom
  8. Germany
  9. New Zealand
  10. Belgium

Top 10 Worst Education Systems

  1. Yemen
  2. Mauritania
  3. Chad
  4. Sierra Leone
  5. Mozambique
  6. Ethiopia
  7. Tanzania
  8. Pakistan
  9. Burundi
  10. Bangladesh

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