Educational Workshops

More enjoyable, interactive and more social, Workshops bring together like-minded teachers and students alike to experience a different type of introduction to a subject or gain further insight into more technical concepts. We offer a range of education workshops that cover our most popular courses. To find out more about our workshops, as well as upcoming dates and venues, continue reading or click the link below.


Our Course Offerings

Attend our Educational Workshops and gain insight to several key aspects of teaching. Based on the most popular courses and classes taken by international students worldwide, our workshops focus on how different courses work, so you can get the most out of the time laid out for the studies.

Basic Skills for Over 12 Languages

6 week classes

Half of the alternative 12 Week Class course, our 6 week classes offers a convenient time frame in which to study the basic skills required to unlock a students full potential and prepare them for future studies.

Join our 6 Week Class workshop to find out how and why this course works…

Intermediate & Advanced Coureses

12 week classes

Two 6 week schedules make up this 12 week class semester. Available for intermediate to advanced levels, our comprehensive 12 week courses follow accredited syllabus and course work and taught by certified teachers.

Join our 12 Week Class workshop and learn how intensive lessons benefit you.

Self Learning Courses & Guides

Online Self Paced

Not everyone has the time to enroll on courses and attending class on a regular basis. However, thanks to modern technology we’re able to offer user-friendly effective, self-learning courses and guides.

Attend our workshops to find out how best to administer course work online…

Business  Courses

Our Business Courses Workshops offer an introductory look into how to create, plan and teach business courses. Join our workshops so you can stay ahead of the pack in this competitive market.

Academic Courses

Our Academic Courses Workshop provide insight into how students learn academically, what makes them perform optimally, and exactly how you can help them reach their education goals.

Travel and Culture Classes

A favorite of many students. Our History workshops look into how to take these fun topics, and transform them into effective learning sessions without sacrificing enjoyment.

History Classes

History is often considered one of the less enjoyable subjects. Our workshops focus on making these lessons fun by studying the more captivating details of historical events using story telling and exercises.

Learn From Home

Online Class Offerings

Anyone looking into private and/or group tutoring will have likely noticed many schools label courses using the terms General 20, Intensive 24, Intensive 25 and Intensive 30; the numbers referring to amount of lessons per week. General courses typically consist of up to 20 lessons, and those with more than 24 are considered intensive.

Find out how to plan, create, and teach general and intensive courses, and learn why such intensive schedules are so effective when it comes to learning.


Class Formats


General 20

Maximize your learning progression with less commitment to time than more intensive courses. General 20 consists of 20 lessons per week, for all levels.

Intensive 25

An alternative intensive course, intensive 25 adds an extra hour per week to the timetable. Available for students of all levels.

Intensive 24

Available for all levels, intensive 24 courses carefully plan classes into a timetable designed to maximize learning opportunities.

Intensive 30

Catering to all levels, intensive 30 courses organize classes into a full time schedule that unlocks a students potential and maximizes their ability to learn.

For Individuals

Workshops for individuals offer the convenience of dedicating time to focus on your personal learning requirements, which in turn produces faster results. With no long-term commitment, workshops are great solution for extra tuition.

For Kids

We understand the importance of making classes enjoyable, because it helps makes learning easier. Our fun, interactive workshops offer an enjoyable way for children to learn outside of the typical classroom environment.

Group Lessons

Group workshops are a great way to discover and share information with others. They’re also a more affordable option than private lessons. Join our workshop today and find out why they’re so effective.


What Our Students Say

Genuinely couldn’t be happier with the assistance I’ve received attending Richard and Judy’s workshops. Bangkok is full of language schools to the point it was almost impossible to decide where to sign up.

Thankfully with some advice from friends I decided to attend a series of workshops first before committing to any longer courses, and I’m very glad I did, honestly couldn’t have wished for anything more!

Janet Terry

Learning English as a Second Language
As a teacher and parent with a child who requires additional special education classes, the move to Bangkok made me very apprehensive and anxious regarding the level of care they would receive in class. It turns out there was very little worry about, I found Aim Bright Stars online and soon signed up for several workshops. Armed with the knowledge of things work around here I’m glad to report our little one is happily enrolled at a respectable school and thoroughly enjoys his thrice weekly visit to see Rich & Judy.

Derek Truck

Parent of Special Education Student

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Workshops can be both a great introduction to a subject, or a comprehensive deep-dive into a particular concept. At Aim Bright Stars we offer a range of workshops for all levels, and in all subjects. So if you’re looking to gain insight into a topic, or wish to brush up on your knowledge of any subject, contact us today for a free consultation, and to find out more about the workshops we host.
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