In class this week we learned about the ear. We labeled parts of the ear and talked about how sound travels to our brain. It was interesting to see the students describe to each other how it works. I had my teaching partner, who is the technology coach to support me by teaching the kids to use see saw to record their learning about the ear.

partner reading

After Mr.Rich’s lesson, the students went off independently to record their work on Seesaw. They upload their work so that their parents are able to see it too. I love when they are at home they talk about their learning with their parents. I enjoy seeing parents commenting and give feedback on their child’s learning.

I love to see my child’s work on Seesaw. I feel like I am in the classroom too!

partner reading

Recording their learning on Seesaw a great tool for me because I can go back to see what my students needs are and what they are struggling on. I feel that I can plan my lesson better according to individual needs too.   Seesaw is a simple way to build digital portfolio and helps to communicate with parent about student learning.

Student Portfolio Example

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