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What is the NWEA MAP Test

The Northwest Evaluation Association Measures of Academic Progress test is a personalised assessment to measure growth and currently level of achievement. We help you prepare.

Alternative to Expensive International Schools in Bangkok

Find out why private tutoring is a viable alternative to expensive international schools…

How to Prepare For Exams

Exam Prep for students of any level, all exams. Overcome the stress and anxiety of sitting exams; prepare for tests the correct way with AimBrightStars.

Content-Based Instruction (CBI)

Content-Based Instruction (CBI), also known as Content-Based Language Teaching (CBLT), is a powerful teaching method shown to be an effective way of learning English as a second language…

Does Music Make you More Intelligent?

Music is a huge part of our lives, many of us enjoy it, some even think it can improve intelligence. Is there any truth to this? Can playing and listening to songs make you smarter?

Responsive Teaching to Culture, Race, and Poverty

Being a humble servant in the art of teaching has caused me to pause and reflect on my teaching regularly. In a previous post I wrote about how I wanted all my students to succeed, but what was I actually doing to make that happen? I started to learn how...

Culturally Responsive Teaching By Supporting The Mother Tongue

The language used in different in cultures influence how people think, understand, feel, and interact with the world. The obvious role of language is that it allows us to transmits information in written and spoken forms, but it is much richer than that....

Apps That Improve Differentiation

Technology offers teachers many advantages to enhance learning, and differentiation is what this post will focus on. Just as every student grows and develops at different rates, they learn in different ways and at different speeds too. Technology is making it easier...

Differentiated Instruction Supports All Learners

Students can take different paths to the same destination. Differentiated classrooms offer students a variety of choice to help meet their learning styles. This allows them to become self-directed and more engaged.     Removing the competitive mind frame of...

Seesaw Record Draw and Post

Seesaw is a great educational app that helps students take ownership of their learning and create a digital portfolio to track their progress. In this lesson we used Seesaw to help identify the parts of the ear we labeled during an IPC Unit about hearing.

Kahoot Quiz Show Educational App

Kahoot Quiz Show Educational App

Kahoot is the perfect app to create discussions, quizzes or surveys to any subject or topic. Use it as an assessment or a fun way to help students learn material. The app is designed with game-based pedagogy in mind.

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Audiation For Early Education

Audiation For Early Education

Music is a valuable tool to help enhance the learning of our students. By incorporating additional methods to help learners experience more from music, we will also improve their overall cognitive ability. Audiation is a great tool to add to your lessons.

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Worlds Best Education Systems

Worlds Best Education Systems

Education is considered important throughout the world, but it still remains that not every country does it the same and some countries are better at it than others. In the west we often assume that our own education systems are the best, but that may not actually be true despite an higher spending.

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Social Experiment About Child Abduction

Social Experiment About Child Abduction

Thankfully the actual stat on stranger abductions is slight. Despite the sensational news reports that come along every once and awhile, abductions are more commonly made by someone the child knows. This does not mean you shouldn’t teach your child how to be aware of strangers as a social experiment video will show.

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